On The Bit

Good morning ladies (and men who snuck in)

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dorothy wrote about horses yesterday, because of what I have on my heart for today. I love horses and always wanted one when I was a kid.

A few years ago we had two horses that were part of our collection of animal friends. We had an Appaloosa and a beautiful registered thoroughbred race horse that had been retired from the track, with many ribbons. They were so beautiful together and would wildly run the full length of the property in the spring before the neighbours’ cows arrived and they were returned to their paddock for the summer.

Mowgli, the thoroughbred was well trained in racing, jumping and dressage, which is a specific form of riding for show. We bought him for our daughter Clare to ride. It took a particularly strong person to call the shots with him, because of his strong personality, speed and strength. Mowgli knew what he was made of and liked to make that known from time to time. There were many times of frustration but lots of successes too!

I learned a lot about the equipment needed for horses. I’m sure we all know that a bit in a horse’s mouth is the control mechanism for the horse. It’s because of the sensitivity of the mouth. There are even different types of bits according to the horse’s sensitivity. Along with the reigns the rider has control of the horse. He can turn it any way he wants to go, which is really important for the performance and safety of the animal.

The rider knows that when the horse is saddled and prepared to ride he will play with the bit in his mouth and resist it for a while until he is ready to accept its control. A well trained horse knows that the quicker he comes down “on the bit”, the sooner he can be free to do what he is trained for. At the end he will receive praise for his behaviour. Have you ever seen a beautiful show horse, well-groomed and the picture of perfection, prancing around the ring with his head tucked close to his chest? That’s what a show horse looks like when he is “on the bit”. Now he is safely yielded, trusting the rider’s direction and ready to take the jumps with speed and precision. He is comfortable, connected with his rider, and under control.

I can’t help but see the parallels with us who are called to submit to Jesus, the master of our lives.

Personally, there are days when I’m like the unruly horse. I hear myself say “take out the bit, I want to go my own way”
I don’t want to come under submission. My flesh fights the Holy Spirit on this. Yet without submission I am running in all directions. Am I yielded and ready to take the jumps?

In Romans chapter 8:5-10 Paul explains that the mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace. When Christ is within us the spirit comes alive, and we then live under the control of the Holy Spirit not the control of our sinful disobedient nature. When we accept the control of Holy Spirit and obey with trust, we can have the strength of a race horse, and not lose focus on what is before us. We can obey God and submit to the Spirit from a response to His divine love for us.

I want to be fully engaged with the Master of my life, so that I will be sensitive to the directions for my destiny. I chose the control of Holy Spirit. In the end I want to receive the reward for a race well run “on the bit”. I want the Lord to say to me that he is pleased to have had control of my life.

Blessings on your day!


  1. Dorothy says

    Thanks B,
    I really enjoyed reading about the purpose of the bit. I have an appliance (night guard) I wear at night and its purpose is to protect my teeth from further damage caused by clenching my teeth during my sleep. I couldn’t help but think of it as I wondered what the bit would feel like. When I first got the night guard, I gagged a lot because my body was trying to reject this foreign object.
    Maybe the more I submit to the bit, the more it will also feel natural to me… as you said “I want to be fully engaged with the Master of my life, so that I will be sensitive to the directions for my destiny. ”
    Love you!

  2. heather england says

    Awsome word sista!

  3. Tami Draper says

    Love this! Thank you Bev :o)

  4. Trina Chapman says

    Love this 🙂

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