Do you like my collection?

Do you ever have a hard time getting up in the morning and wonder what the day will be like? I often think it’s to do with our night time processes. We know that in the night the mind works through the events of the day often looking for solutions and answers. In the morning we often wake up with remnants of those thoughts and troubles. That’s not a great start to the day! When this happens I give those concerns to God again and ask for wisdom. I can start fresh then, knowing that God will direct me through my day and bring His solutions to me.  But when I don’t do this it’s hard to reflect peace and joy, because the worry takes up too much room. Worry can be a pattern that I become comfortable with and not even realize at times, however, it gets in the way of my view of who God is and His faithfulness to me. When I recognize this I can then ask God to help clear away the clutter. There are many other things that can clutter our hearts and minds. Sometimes we are in a process of inner healing that God is helping us with, and it takes time to work it through.

It is easy to hang onto stuff, both emotionally and physically.  If you have ever moved after living somewhere for a few years you know how stuff can pile up. The moving process exposes you to your stuff and makes you evaluate what you want to keep.

We can be like that in our Christian lives, holding on to useless clutter that holds us back from a free life of faith and trust in Jesus.

Do we want to keep everything or can we make the switch to live like a true collector?  A collector values their possessions as treasures to be displayed and enjoyed. And a collector protects the value of a collection by how it is cared for.

When our desire is to be healthy believers who have strong faith and hope, we will be collectors of godly possessions. We will gather testimonies to showcase God’s goodness and faithfulness. We will talk together about the great things God is speaking to us. Our joy will be shared with others when we say “Hey! Do you want to hear about what God did today?!” There will be verses of scripture that will be part of our personal collection from our tried and tested faith. When we collect these things we will push out the clutter because there’s just not room for everything! Yesterday a past ministry friend of mine who is a wonderful God filled man was having difficulty with his Facebook page. It was being hacked by someone who was putting pornographic images on his page, and this was showing up on many people’s news feeds including mine. Horrified, he corrected the issues and asked us to pray for the perpetrator.

I realized at that moment that my life is being bombarded with visuals that I have no control over, apart from disconnecting from all media. I enjoy the benefits of Facebook and I have boundaries around what I will allow, often “unfriending” those who post offensive things. But what do I do with this unwanted invasion? I ask God to cleanse my mind and remove the image. Then I chose to let it go and not engage again in the memory.  There’s just not room for everything!

So, let’s not keep meaningless and harmful stuff that clutters our lives. Instead let’s be collectors of all the great things God has provided.

Have a great week!



  1. Dorothy says

    Bev I read this yesterday and then I came back to it today. I like your idea of having a personal collection of bible verses. I had never thought of it that way before. And as you point out a collector values their collection by caring for it. Something for me to consider.
    I know that when I have let clutter creep into my life or into my mind that it causes stress. So this is an important word. I do find that when I am uncluttered that I have peace, so I know there is a correlation there. Thank you.

  2. Bonnie Brooks says

    Thanks, I am still learning this and found it encouraging as I am beginning to de-clutter.

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