Taking the Scenic Route

Hi Ladies! 

Tom and I just got back from a peaceful holiday. We didn’t do a whole lot of anything except relax.

Time just kind of stopped and we were able to enjoy reading, talking, and checking out new sights. We walked along the shoreline of the Saint Lawrence River, and took pictures as the big ships passed by…..so much beautiful scenery to enjoy. There was no rush to have to go anywhere or do anything! 

There were some cute little stores to check out, but I was careful not to push the limits on that. I’m not really much of a shopper anyway. I can confess however, that there was some fudge involved, and Tracy’s ice cream cones :), which made us both pretty happy. It was all part of the wonderful experience.

 When it came time to come home, not wanting that relaxed feeling to ever end, I was quite insistent that we take the back roads home, so we could enjoy the scenery. You know…avoid the rush of the (Hwy) 416. That felt like just a quick way home, and I was not interested in the hurry and the traffic.

I love to take the scenic route whenever possible. It’s wonderful to talk to God during those times and enjoy His creation. I get inspired with creative ideas and refreshed by what I see.

I have been known to stretch a three hour trip into an eternity, for others who just want to get there. There is so much to discover if you look for it. For me it’s about taking the time to breathe and see what’s around me. 

Well,… we didn’t have an Ontario map. Tom loves maps, and he LOVES his GPS which was not working, (sigh) so we stopped to get a map. We found there were none available.

So, with an excited tone in my voice I said “How about we head in the right direction…and just “wing it”? Now that’s hard for a person who needs to know where they are going at all times. Ok, so I tried.

Since I have a GPS on my phone, we agreed to meet in the middle. I would navigate and Tom would drive and we would take an unfamiliar scenic route home. 

Here’s the great thing. We had FUN taking the scenic route!

There was no pressure and no time frame for arriving home. We took all the back roads, passing by some beautiful scenery, and only had to turn around once where a road stopped – oops. And at one point my GPS cut out, and I thought I might have to make something up : ) 

We ended up in one of our favourite places – Merrickville. We got there a totally different way than we have before, and couldn’t figure out where we were until we saw the familiar sights.

We stopped and again took our time, grabbed a snack, and watched the boats go through the locks. It was so enjoyable.

 I sometimes think that life passes by quickly because we are not stopping to enjoy what’s going on. We are not being present in the moment, always thinking about what’s coming up or what needs to be done. The best time we have with friends and family is un-rushed time, like on holidays or at Christmas, where we can enjoy each other.

I’m guilty at times of cramming so many things into my day that I don’t fully enjoy what’s happening, and I’m not present in the moment. 

This was a great reminder to me of how wonderful it is to be at peace and rest. I know it’s not the way life always is…..

We returned to our reality of work and responsibility, but it has made me want to somehow keep my eyes on the real joy of life. In Proverbs 34 it says “Seek peace and pursue it”. I’m sure that if I can continue to do that, I will find the joy that comes continually through finding the peaceful, scenic route. 

So, take the road that brings you peace and rest. Find that and follow it.

I think that we will all be surprised at what we see along the way, and what we will learn on our scenic routes. 





  1. Sally Rogers says

    This is a three party response as Heather C, Murielle, and I also enjoy the scenery in northern Ontario. We think that the detours take us to totally unexpected places where God blesses us. Heather and I remember once stopping for lunch at a roadside turnout in New Hampshire. We wanted to stay all day once we discovered the beautiful waterfall. Oh, and I had an additional refreshing experience when I fell in the water which wasn’t a bad thing as it was very hot. We might think refreshing should be planned and convenient.

  2. Bonnie Brooks says

    Yeah! Back roads are beautiful. I have a map of the back roads in the valley. You have suggested some things that are dear to my heart as well. Time meandering and enjoying the land and water is very therapeutic. God always enjoys those times with us as we enjoy His handiwork.

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