Our Vision

Family of worshipers experiencing God’s Presence, Power and Love!

Our Mission

To know and experience God’s love, as sons and daughters, creating a culture of honour and hope, through the expansion of His Kingdom in our homes, region and beyond.

Our FIRE Values

We share the FIRE Values of the Partners in Harvest Network of churches:

Father’s love revealed through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Intimacy, presence and hearing God’s voice.

Restoration of the heart and soul.

Extending the Kingdom through the equipping, empowering and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Our Affiliation

River Stone Christian Fellowship Inc. is a Partners In Harvest Church.

Partners In Harvest is a family of churches, a network of people who are united in their passion for Jesus in a no-holds-barred pursuit of Him.

Our History

The Rock Church Ministries and River of Life Christian Fellowship were on a journey together which led the churches to come together and marry as one new church, a blended family.

On September 27, 2014 we became one family in Christ called River Stone Christian Fellowship Inc.

Our Tagline

Loving God… Loving People