We believe that Children’s Church is an extension of family.  It is a place for roots, to establish and be established.  It is a place of imparting identity, purpose, vision, and belonging.   It’s that knitting together of a generation…so well knit into the fabric of Christ that there is no pulling and tearing away when they go out into the world. Here, children find a safe and fun environment to grow and to be themselves.  Children’s Church is an equipping of our kids for the generation that they are in.

We also have a private Nursing Room especially for nursing mothers just off of our Sanctuary.  This is a place that says “I value you”, “I honor you”, “We esteem life”.  It says that what you are doing right here with this child is a key piece to the development of family, who we are about. We believe that a nursing mom needs to be ministered to. We see this as a place that provides the oil of refreshing.  A place of healing.  She has just sacrificed her whole life to bring life.  Just for her family?  No, but for the entire Kingdom of God.  God has called us to be fruitful and to multiply.  And we as a body desire to nurture and encourage our mothers.

Leader: Cheryl Smith